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At the Classic

Oct. 5 2017 – 7:30 PM

“REVEEN” The legend Continues!

The most popular show in the history of Canadian theatre is back starring Ty Reveen

Since 1955 the Reveen Show has been seen Live On Stage by more than 7 million people all over the world! Originally created from the man that made hypnosis “hip” around the world, … but Ty just called him Dad.

Now, “The Next Generation” magician and hypnotist of the Reveen dynasty  follows in his father’s footsteps with a new “Superconscious Journey” into the marvels of the human mind with “Reveen” The Legend Continues!

The Reveen Show is a dynamic demonstration of the powers of the human mind, and it is Absolutely Hilarious!

“Families that laugh together – stay together, so I’m thrilled that so many people of all ages are returning to see the show, it’s just like the old days.”

The world’s funniest and most amazing stage show is back!

Don’t be left-out, this is a “One Night Only” event!

Watch some amazing clips here

Tickets: Adults $35.00, Youth (under 18) $17.50 Available at Acorn Music or online here.

Sponsored by The Salmon Arm Observer, The Podollan Inn and Table 24.